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Sharon Sutera

Sharon Fit Voted Best Dance Studio in Cranford! 2012 Cranford Patch Readers Choice Awards

Welcome to the  Sharon Fit Studio.  A  beautiful newly renovated and decorated 800 Square foot studio in downtown Cranford, in Union County, NJ. We have excellent raised wood floors and  plenty of mirror space.  All women and men are welcome and encouraged to challenge themselves  in a safe supportive enviorment.  Join us for  regular weekly Belly dance classes  and for our special guest belly dance workshops for beginner and intermediate dancers.  Our goal is to create  community, a safe haven where  everyone is welcome and only positive energy flows. Why not join us and become the best you can be while looking and feeling beautiful.

About Sharon Sutera

Sharon Sutera

Growing up I was always active. I studied dance at The Martha Graham School in NYC. Was part of the disco generation, dancing hustle and other ballroom dances to my hearts content. I was a roller skating diva and lifted weights way back when few women did. I even worked at an independent health and racketball club while in college.

At age 42, I found myself 40 pounds overweight. I didn't even recognize the woman in the mirror. A sluggish thyroid was only partly to blame, the real reason inactivity and a poor diet. When the doctors refused to put me on medication I set out to find myself again.

I walked, danced and did exercise tapes. I improved my diet but only saw minimal change. Then I started running. having never run before I set out to learn all that I could. With countless miles behind me many dance classes later the weight began to come off. But after running up to ten miles a day and still struggling with the scale going up and down I added a weight training program to my routine. Working with a personal trainer made all the difference, with his support, drive and encouragement I became stronger in every way. Thank you Lloyd.

I worked hard, got my certifications and now I am the trainer and it is my job to encourage others to reach their fitness goals. When you have the knowledge and support lasting results are possible. There are so many fitness options, a good workout never needs to be boring I make it fun, varied and challenging. Results are possible I did it and you can too we can do it together. : I share, my passion for fitness, Running, Belly dance and most recently Hoopdance with others. I encourage people to remove the word I can't from their vocabulary. I want to hear them to say "wow I can do it… I did it" That is success!

Sharon Sutera has been a certified personal trainer at The Next Step in Fitness since Spring of 2008. She has nutritional and functional exercise training, Yoga, Pilates and floor mat training.

  • W.I.T.S Personal Training
  • Suhaila Salimpour School of Belly Dance Level 1 Certification
  • Hoopnotica Hoop Dance Level 1-4 and Hoop Fit Instructor
  • AFAA Primary Group fitness certification
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