Belly Dance Classes

When it comes to taking Belly Dance class, you don't have to be  a dancer, or show your belly. You only need  to arrive with patience, a smile and the desire to learn.

Old School Style Beginner Belly Dance
This is the perfect class to start you on your journey to learning the mesmerizing art of Belly Dance. We will learn dance steps that flow from one to another seamlessly. Drilling in different variations with the focus on turns, spins, shimmies and dance steps incorporating hip bumps and drops. This class is for those that want to DANCE!! A few minutes of each class will be devoted to easy finger cymbal patterns and muscle isolation drills. Finger cymbals available at the studio. Join our friendly belly dance community and let's get started!

Back to Basics Belly Dance
A beginner Belly dance technique class. Come and explore the mystery of Belly dance. Which muscles to contract to create the isolation's we adore. Each week we focus on a different element of the dance, hip bumps, undulations, Pelvic and chest circles, figure 8's and more then we drill, drill, drill. With practice the muscles get stronger and the movement become sharper and more defined. Each class ends with a simple dance movement combination that is easy to follow and transition. This class is a workout, you will tone your legs, glutes and shoulders. Your posture will improve and you will carve out a more defined beautiful feminine midsection. Join us in a safe, supportive environment and unleash your inner goddess.

Intermediate Belly Dance
Is for the intermediate level student that has already worked on basic technique and wants to take it to the next level. First we build on basic technique with drills for speed, sharpness, refinement, and then work on layering and  layering. Then we focus on more complex dance combinations and drill, drill drill. Let's Dance!

Nyx Astéria  

New! Slow, Slinky, & Sharp: An Introduction to Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
With Nyx Astéria Discover the slow, sensual, snake-like belly dance moves, and perfect sharp precise controlled contractions. Learn the basic elements of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, increase your dance vocabulary, and refine technique. This class is recommended for any style belly dancer, and all levels.
Nyx Astéria
Nyx Astéria is a performing artist. Her dance style can be defined as "Classical Mystique". Nyx's background in ballet, tap, jazz, athletics, and various styles of Oriental dance and Tribal Fusion have allowed her to become a versatile performer.

Nyx Astéria is passionate about the art of Middle Eastern Dance, and is excited about sharing and exchanging creative ideas with other dancers. Nyx strives to create a caring yet challenging environment for her students.

New! American Tribal Style®
American Tribal Style® (ATS®) Belly Dance is modern dance form created in San Francisco, California, in the 1980s by Carolena Nericcio, director of Fat Chance Belly Dance®. Favoring folkloric Egyptian music, and using modified movements from dances from North Africa, Spain and India, a group of dancers use a series of non-verbal cues, gestures and step combinations that can form an improvisational dance that looks choreographed but really isn't. For more information on ATS®
Nyx Astéria
Maria "Naja" Richardson, is a certified Fat Chance ATS® Teacher and is Director of Tribe Hamsa and a founding member of Manhattan Tribal. She has taught Tribal Fusion and now teaches the Fat Chance Belly Dance® Format and Techniques.


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