Nauka Menon
Bollywood is one of the hottest dance forms  around. It  is performed  in the Indian movie industry.   Inspired by traditional and classical Indian dance from various regions  of India.  Bollywood also encompasses movement from hip-hop, jazz,  belly dance.and other world dances.  It combines  beautiful hand gestures, dramatic facial expressions and upbeat music, making it easy on the eyes and super fun. 

Nauka Menon began dancing at the age of four and is trained in Bollywood, traditional Indian folk dances and Bharatanatyam, an Indian classical dance, with some training in belly dancing, salsa and hip-hop. She is a certified ambassador and instructor for Masala Bhangra, which is an ideal combination of Bollywood and North Indian Punjabi folk dance moves and is gaining popularity all over the world.  

Kashmir & Ewe

R & B Line Dancing
R & B Line Dancing is a music dance party and it’s a great way to stay fit too. Join this low-impact line dancing class to learn beginner dances to Motown, R&B and soul music. Explore four wall line dancing to the music of Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson and more. This class is an excellent way to get a low-impact cardio work out. Not only working the body, but also challenging the mind to keep it sharp. This is a fun friendly way to get your feet moving and grooving

Hoop Fit
Join this class for an hour of hooping hoopla, it's a great workout. The hoops are larger and heavier than the hula hoops of your childhood. These hoops make it easy to learn, everyone can do it. Hooping is a great way to build core strength, tone your entire body, get an intense low impact cardio workout, and burn calories! Hooping also develops balance, coordination and most of all it is fun! Students will learn to combine basic elements of hooping with dance and fitness. Dress as you would for a yoga class, cotton is best. Hoops will be provided for in class use. Sharon is a Level 1-4 Hoopnotica Hoop dance certified instructor and Hoopnotica Hoop Fit Certification


Sakara Amyra
Evie Apple, The Vixen of Virtue, loves sharing her sweet and spicy burlesque moves with audiences and showgirls-in-training alike! She is the Co-Director and Choreographer for The Corsettes, NJ's first and finest cabaret/burlesque troupe. She has teased and tantalized on many of the finest stages in the state, including Roxy and Duke's Roadhouse, Park Avenue Freehold, and Asbury Lanes. Everyone's favorite "good girl gone bad," Evie's performances combine singing, comedy, striptease, sensuality, and good old-fashioned sex appeal. She can't wait to meet the fabulous diva inside YOU!
Sharon with the famous
tribal fusion dancer Sharon
Kihara after an intensive workshop.


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