Hoopdance, it's all the rage on the west coast and Sharon is happy to introduce it to you here in Union County, New Jersey. The hoops are larger and heavier than the Hula Hoops of your childhood. Even if you think you can't hoop, these hoops make it easier than ever to learn. Hooping dates back to ancient times and is a great way to build core strength, get an intense low impact cardio workout and increase your energy. Hooping also develops balance and co-ordination and most of all it's fun. Allow Sharon to share the techniques that will allow you to be one with the hoop, and hoopdance your way to fun and fitness.

Check the calendar for times and meeting places.
Don't have a hoop? Don't worry you can purchase one of Sharon's beautiful hand made hoops, they are the perfect weight and size for you. Choose from many designs or custom order adult or child size hoops are available.

Hooping is great at parties, and for fundraisers, See our Hoop party options *

Sharon Sutera Level 1-4 Hoopnotica Hoop dance certified instructor & Hoopnotica Hoop Fit Certified

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