Kashmir & Ewe


Welcome to Kashmir & Ewe up cycled cashmere and wool creations. Rescued cashmere and wool refashioned !!

I was inspired by Katwise sweater coats, and now create my own interpretations, Sweater coats, Hoodies, shrugs, arm/leg warmers and MORE! I love the hunt for good cashmere and beautiful warm wool, moth holes are ok, I just cut around them. All materials have been machine washed in lavender essential oil detergent and machine dried.

Love the challenge to combine multiple sweaters, patterns and textures to create wearable warm soft yummy unique garments. Using mostly natural fibers, cashmere, wool, lambswool and cotton (sometimes a little nylon). Hand wash lay flat to dry. Check out my Facebook page.

Love the response I have been getting, my students love them. Contact me if you would like to visit the studio to shop or order from something you see on the fb page.

Stay warm!

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