Sharon Fit Voted Best Dance Studio in Cranford! 2012 Cranford Patch Readers Choice Awards

"Sharon Fit Belly Dance - great ambiance and great instructors! Sharon is inspirational and patient." - Nagi
"Sharon Fit Belly Dance and Group Fitness Studio. With my unique schedule and constant health problems, Sharon Fit has been extremely patient with my needs and offers a comforting, easy-to-learn-in atmosphere. I have been going there for years on and off, and Sharon always welcomes me back with open arms after my "off" period. She's supportive of my health needs and lets me go at my own pace (even though I push myself too hard anyway). Great studio without typical expiration dates." - Christine Stolte
"SharonFit Belly Dance & Group Fitness Studio. Sharon's enthusiasm and passion for fitness is contagious. A supporting atmosphere that focus' on the individual. There is something for everyone at SharonFit." - Donna Bacich
"SharonFit Belly Dance & Group Fitness Studio is great! You don't have to sign up for a year's worth of classes. Individual class rates are very reasonable and you can buy a card to take any 10 classes you want, any type, any time. This flexibility allows busy people to fit exercise into their schedules and let's people try new types of exercise without commiting to an entire expensive year. Plus, Sharon is a wonderful, supportive teacher!" - Grayson
"Sharon Fit Belly Dance and Group Fitness Studio!! Sharon's unique offerings - hooping, bellydance, workshops - along with excellent classic classes in yoga and personal training, make this studio an absolute gem. Excellent technique for safe, effective toning and movement are encouraged in a fun, supportive, cheerful environment. There's nothing else like it!" - Tracey P
"Sharon Fit Belly Dance & Group Fitness Studio - Sharon is great teacher and you will always have fun, doesn't matter what age you are. And you can chose different classes at different times, 7 days a week, great flexibility and you pay only for time you are actually present. Love it there!" - Lucia R
"Sharon Fit Belly Dance & Group Fitness Studio - Sharon is a great teacher, very contagious with her enthusiam, would recommend it for all levels of fitness and dance. Great group of lovely supportive women." - Ces
"Sharon Fit Belly Dance and Group Fitness Studio. Sharon is a wonderful instructor who cares a lot about teaching and dance, and does so in a friendly, patient manner. It's so much fun!" - Annie P
"Sharon Fit Belly Dance and Group Fitness Studio: is a place to dance at the sound of great music. Always warmly greeted by a talented dance instructor. A cozy spot to meet great people with friendly smiles. A dance school where you are continuously encouraged to learn new steps (with the right technique) … and much more… Sincerely, a happy dancer!" - Diana R
"Sharon fit belly dance & group is great. all are welcomed from young to older. the class scheduling is fantastic and easy to work around a busy life. the instructor is wonderful." - Z
"Sharon Fit Belly Dance and Fit Studios is a wonderful facility. Walking into the studio feels like coming home. Sharon Sutera is an awesome instructor and a very caring person." - Jeanette Eger
" I feel Sharon Fit Belly Dance & Group Fitness Studio is a great studio for location, also perfect for non-dancers or office workers to workout without pressures. Cranford must be competitive for neighborly dance studios. Go Dancers!" - Margo Gray

"Sharon Fit Belly Dance & Group Fitness Studio, ~~ROCKS!!!" - DR

"Sharon Fit above and beyond the best ever ..." - Marianne Chilletti
"Sharon Fit is superb. Sharon is an excellent instructor with an upbeat personality with fun classes. She is knowledgeable about different genres of dance and fitness." - Andy Beck
"SharonFit Belly Dance & Group Fitness Studio is fantastic! My new years resolution was to make a concerted effort to improve my overall fitness level for this year. I started with Sharon in January, and now in July I feel about as fit and strong as I have in several years, and really enjoying it. Sharon is naturally upbeat, fun-loving, with a great personality." - Adam
"SharonFit Belly Dance & Group Fitness Studio is the best dance studio in Cranford. Not only does it offer fun classes but a warm and encouraging environment. Sharon is an excellent teacher...she challenges you to do better ... I recommend SharonFit Belly Dance & Group Fitness Studio to everyone !!!! :)" - Marilyn
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